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Dj Demonstration video

A great DJ is like a gourmet chef that chooses the freshest ingredients and mixes them together to produce an exquisite sensory experience! As DJ's and musicians, the Santa Cruz Live Music & DJ crew have a deep understanding of the profound impact of music on the mind, body, and soul... It is a universal language. First and foremost, we aim to please. At it's essence, the art of DJ'ing is a selfless endeavor. As professionals, we know that at performances our job is to satisfy our clients. 

We are easy to work with, and our knowlege and experience gives us the tools needed to get people out of their seat and onto the dance floor. We understand that hearing the perfect song at the perfect moment is a magical thing, and that is what we are all about. Providing the soundtrack for your imagination. 

Sample Mixes of different genres

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